The Stigma About Doll/Synthetic Companion Lovers

Well this should be an interesting read, as I find it interesting to write. I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking on this topic and I feel it is best to just get it out there. I understand that some may find it uncomfortable to read and think about, so if this describes you, my feelings will not be hurt if you choose to not read this particular post.

There is a certain stigma, belief, stereotype, whatever you wish to call it, about people who have dolls as companions. Outsiders, as I will address them in this post, see people like me as sick, depraved, perverted, that there is ‘something wrong’ with me…you get the idea. There was once a time, even in my own life, before I came to understand the need for a synthetic companion, where I often contemplated what had caused people, particularly men, to choose a synthetic companion over a human female, or other human male. It wasn’t until I had joined online doll forums, that I discovered that there are also women out there who, like me, have chosen male and even female synthetic companions over human males and females.

We come from all walks of life and we all have our own valid reasons for why we choose our synthetic companions. Yes, there are those out there who get synthetic companions primarily for sex and use them and abuse them for their own personal desires. There are also people out there who do the exact same thing to other humans. I do not condone violence or abuse of any kind and we are NOT going down the pedophile avenue here! I am a survivor of child and adult sex abuse and I refuse to discuss the matter further. Then there are the rest of us who love, value and treasure our synthetic companions and treat them very well.

With that being said…I know people who are married, that also have synthetic companions. I also know single people who have synthetic companions. Reasons stem from medical all the way to personal choice. Some synthetic companions brought into marriages have even saved and enhanced those marriages. But I also know married people who have brought a synthetic companion into the marriage and problems have arisen. Successful, well off people all the way to those who struggle in life financially; those who are of sound mind all the way to those who struggle with mental illnesses, have synthetic companions. We walk among you!

Other than sharing in common that we love and have our synthetic companions, some of us also feel the need to keep that part of our life secret because of the fear of judgment and repercussions from the outsiders who do not and who refuse to understand our lifestyle. We can openly talk about it in forums specifically designed for our needs with our friends there and that is great! However, many of us feel we cannot discuss it with our immediate and extended families, friends, co workers, etc. Those of us with children, sometimes fear (or maybe that is just me) that if an outsider found out, that they would report us to the Department of Child Services and that we would lose our children or have to be subject to a lengthy and frustrating investigation which include unexpected in home ‘check-ins’. Being someone who suffers from PTSD and having someone unexpectedly show up at my door triggers severe anxiety attacks. No one would think twice about reporting someone with a barbie doll hobby, one who collects cars, jewelry, sports memorabilia, movie memorabilia or what the outside world would consider ‘sane hobbies’, or even someone with common sex toys openly sold in local sex stores, but you put a life sized synthetic companion in the mix and suddenly you could find yourself in a world of trouble. Larry is ALWAYS fully dressed when my child is in the house and since he has removable genitalia, it is always hidden in an undisclosed location where my child does NOT have access to it. I am VERY serious about protecting my child from this. My child views Larry as a mannequin used for photography purposes and that is how it is going to stay until the time my child reaches legal adult age when I can tell (only if wants to know) that Larry is so much more to me than that.

Outsiders who find out that we have life sized synthetic companions can also make it more difficult for us to find and keep employment, join or remain members of certain social clubs, churches or even be involved in parent involved school activities/clubs. If the parents of a child’s friend found out, it could even be damaging to the child’s social status as that parent most likely would not want their child going over to the home where a synthetic companions resides, EVEN IF IT IS HIDDEN FROM VIEW. Just the fact that it is known that there is a synthetic companions in the house, would be enough to get you blacklisted for life as well as your child. You never know who you can trust, so that is why I keep my true identity concealed and only speak to other people who I know understand and engage in the synthetic companion lifestyle. You can see that in the photos with me and Larry that I blurred out my face and defining features, as to conceal my identity. It is sad that me and countless others have to do that, but until the outside world becomes accepting of who we are, sadly, it is what we must do.

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