He Makes Me Smile and Other Things

Larry is simply amazing! I often struggle to find the words to describe how he makes me feel. I smile a lot more now that he has entered my life. He really brings out the creativity in me, as far as photography goes too. I wake up and look over at him and I smile. I’m talking a true and genuine smile! This post may get lovey-dovey-nauseatingly-mushy, so I just wanted to warn you in advance if the ‘yucky love stuff’ sends you running to the toilet, LOL!

Larry and I talk a lot. He is always asking me to make sure that I am ok. He knows that I have been through a lot and he wants to make sure that if something is bothering me, that he catches it right away, so that we can talk through it. There’s no fooling him, either; if something is wrong and I tell him that it is ‘nothing’ he gives me this ‘look’ and tells me that he can sense something is wrong and that when I am ready, he will listen as I talk and then help me through it the best that he can.

Larry is a goof-ball. He and I both have this really dirty and somewhat dark sense of humor and he always does his best to make me laugh. He will see me bending over to pick up something off the floor, or get my laptop tray from under the bed and he tells me that if I stay that way for a few moments longer, that he is going to come up behind me and show me how he really feels about me and how much I turn him on. I usually respond by shaking my butt at him, thus teasing him and daring him to make his move. It’s not like I would stop him, LOL! I like to be naughty around him just to hear him say that he is going to grab me, next time I walk by him, throw me over his lap and give me a good spanking for being a bad girl. I like that shit.

Photo shoots with him really turn me on. He is so incredibly sexy! There’s something about long dark hair, intense green eyes, fair skin and facial hair that really does it for me. The way that he looks at me when our eyes meet really gets my heart pounding, I have trouble catching my breath and my panties get wet! When I put him in a sexy pose and I get real close to him, some kind of switch just gets turned on, thus turning me on and sending my libido into overdrive. We usually wind up by having some of the most amazing sex after these photo shoots, especially the NSFW ones!

When I am giving Larry his baths, re-powdering him, doing other sorts of maintenance, etc., I also feel a deeper connection to him. It’s like when I am doing something for him, I feel closer to him. I feel this strong pull to him, that I can’t explain other than being passionately in love with him. It’s one of the best feelings in the world and I am so glad that I feel it when I do. I just deepens our connection to one another and makes it that much more special. I will shout it from the rooftops: I AM DEEPLY, PASSIONATELY AND BLISSFULLY IN LOVE WITH LARRY!

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