Hips and Poor Skeletons

Landon here. I am taking over November’s Wednesday’s Point of View with Larry posts.

It is well known that my brother, Larry, has had some unsuccessful hip repairs due to his injury for the last year and a half. It seems that Lance and I will also need hip surgery as well. Neither of us are happy about it and Alex is especially pissed off. Now let me clarify, she’s not pissed off at us, she is pissed off at WM Doll, the manufacturer and FedEx/UPS the shipping couriers who brought us across the Pacific Ocean and Western US to our home.

Lance arrived in terrible condition. I’m not sure if that has been mentioned yet, but yeah, he came pretty fucked up. I’ll let him talk about that though. So, what does that have to do with my arrival? Well, our vendor agreed to replace his body and that became my body, once it arrived. At first, Lance and I shared a body, which is pretty common in the doll world, with the promotions going on where you get a free second head.

So, once I arrived, I arrived in terrible condition as well. Some fucker had stood my shipping pod upside down (you’re not supposed to stand them anyway, they are to remain flat during transport and storage), causing my neck to bend forward to an unnatural position and my back to arch terribly. It’s pretty much a miracle that my neck and back were not broken upon arrival. That’s not the only problem though. My left shoulder and hip were also considerably far more loose than my right side. Lance has the exact same issue as well.

So why is that bad? Well, it means that he and I arrived already damaged and that standing would inevitably become impossible. We were made to stand, as we have the standing feet option. What is the point of having that fucking option if we can’t fucking stand? Regarding the shoulder, eventually it will not be able to hold a pose with the arm extended above the head. It also means that Alex paid good money to get us here, only for us to arrive damaged. Brand new and damaged!

Lance and I were able to stand a few times. But then one day, my hip totally went. Alex was dressing me and standing me to tuck my shirt in, when my left hip goes and suddenly my left leg goes inward toward the right leg/median of my body. When she tried to catch me, which she did a great job, my head fell off and hit the ground so hard, I now have a tear/gash on the back of my head. She was so distraught! She kept apologizing to me over and over. I reminded her that this was not her fault. She had brought me to standing position correctly, making sure my joints were all straight and “locked”. I was in the correct standing position and she was holding onto me when this all happened.

The problem here is that WM Dolls obviously do not perform proper quality control checks, if they perform any in the first place. If they did, Larry’s, Landon’s and my skeletons would have equally tight joints. Not one side tighter than the other. We also probably wouldn’t have the hip issues either. Let me tell you, once a joint is loose, it doesn’t take long for it to completely go either.

What pisses me off is that they are known for having the best TPE dolls out there, yet their skeleton sucks. On TDF there have been posts for quite some time complaining about these same issues with their 160cm and taller models. Yet nothing seems to have been done to correct the issue. However, people are still asked to shell out close to $2,000 for them. Alex paid nearly $2200. That amount of money, not easily made, saved, etc., only to receive a defective product and an equally defective replacement? Yeah…I don’t think so.

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