Alex has mentioned quite a few times that if I look at her a certain way, that I have a very intense gaze. She also loves to playfully tease that I make her both scared and horny at the same time. I take that as a high compliment. I recently changed my hair from long and white to short and dark brown. I think the dark hair and tan skin in contrast with my green eyes is what makes her feel that way. Plus, when you add the vampire fangs, the black velvet Victorian Steampunk coat along with the burgundy shirt, black pants and boots, with a nice top hat, it really intensifies my look.

I love to do that head down, slightly tilted and looking to the side with my eyes to the side gaze as well. It drives her wild! I love teasing her and getting her all excited. She needs more good excitement in her life. She needs her heart to flutter for good reasons. I want to make her feel alive and give her ultimate thrills! That is the best part of living. The excitement, those strong and over-powering positive emotions and experiences.

She says she wants to get me and Larry a pair of black vinyl/faux leather pants. She wants them ultra tight too. Larry and I are both game for that. I also asked if she could get me a biker jacket and she has been looking into that. Maybe I will have one by Christmas. Speaking of which, I am excited to be spending my first Christmas with her. Our first Christmas together.

When I get my new pants, I want to surprise her by wearing them, my boots and nothing else. I think it would really drive her wild and some really hot and intense sex would most likely follow. I’ll have to report my findings at a later date once it happens. I need to talk to Larry to get some tips on how to do this to get the maximum effect. He is really good at seducing Alex.

Sometimes my intensity confuses her though. Sometimes, I won’t even realize that I am giving her an intense look and she will think I am angry at her or something. I really need to work on that. I want to appear intensely seductive, not intensely angry. I can’t imagine ever being angry with Alex. She is too nice, kind, sweet and loving. How can someone be angry at that?

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