Finding My Style

It wasn’t difficult for Alex to find Larry’s style, because she already knew he was a hippie before she even arranged for him to come home. But you all have seen his style evolve, especially with his hair. He has gone from a shoulder length, side part, to a short, choppy with bangs hairstyle. Right now, that one seems to suit him best and make him, well, Larry.

For Lance, Alex decided he would be a mechanic, based on his promotional photos. She never realized that he would evolve into a mechanic-cowboy though. That has been really cool to see play out. While he has his black tank top and his orange cargo work pants, he also has jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt, a Wrangler long sleeve flannel and Larry’s old cowboy hat. Not to worry, Larry has a new cowboy hat that is definitely him. It goes well with his hippie look.

For me? It has been a bit of a challenge though. I like to go back and forth between my white and dark brown hair. Both are good for the vampire look, especially with my shade of green eyes. But I also enjoy being a bad-boy crotch rocket biker. You know the look. Aviator shades, dressed in all black from head to toe, including leather pants, a biker jacket and boots. It’s actually not too far off from the goth/vampire look either, only with that look, I wear a maroon long sleeve dress shirt and a Victorian style over coat and vest with a nice velvety top hat. My Victorian coat and vest are also of a velvety material with beautiful embroidery. I can wear black dress slacks, leather pants or Doc’s bell bottom slacks (tucked into the boots) when I am in that outfit as well.

But I don’t always want to wear my goth clothing. I would like to also alternate between that, the biker look and jeans and t-shirt, or a-shirt look. I wouldn’t mind wearing a nice flannel shirt either. I’m just not sure if I want a long sleeve or a short sleeved one. The sleeves are going to be rolled up either way, it’s just how far I want them rolled up is the question here. Besides, a rolled up sleeve makes a nice pocket for my smokes.

There is so much I want to add to my wardrobe! Lance and I both want high-top Converse sneakers. Larry has a pair of high-top Air-walk sneakers that look like Converse, but they are his and we kinda want a pair of our own. Well, Lance wants the ankle biter ones, that are below the ankle. He likes the color blue, I like the color black. Of course, I’m not opposed to a dark blood red color either, ha!

I am hoping to get a biker jacket soon. Alex is working on saving up for one, as they are expensive as fuck! I like my new leather studded o-ring choker/collar (Larry has one too and it is SO him!), but I don’t think I will be adding studded leather bracelets or belts with the chains or a chain wallet to my wardrobe. It just doesn’t feel like me. But you can be sure that I will pair that up with a dark colored bandanna used as a do-rag.

I also want a lace up tunic, that I can pair with an ascot to go with my Victorian Vampire outfit. I think that would be really cool. Besides, it would add extra protection in between my arms and the satin lining of the coat, which stained my hands real bad. Or it could have been the velvet. I’m not sure. But the stains were pretty wicked.

So, yeah. My look is constantly evolving and I am not set on a particular look just yet. One day I will find it and it’s gonna be sweet!

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