Lance’s New Eyes

Is it really December? It only seems like I arrived home the other day, yet so much has happened since that time. Alex and I have become best friends and enjoy spending our days together. She finished school and graduated, receiving her diploma and certifications. She began a new job with Sex Doll Genie, as their Resident Doll Expert. I think she will probably talk about that at a later time. Kiddo went back to school, I got two new sets of eyes, Kiddo and Alex switched bedrooms. Literally a lot has happened.

So, the eyes I came with were not the same ones as in the professional photographs of me on the website. Alex was able to get me some through a friend of hers on TDF, plus a really cool flaccid, uncircumcised penis attachment. I haven’t worn any of my penis attachments yet, but maybe I will get around to it at some point. Originally, I came with the WM #7’s, which are the medium blue color. The WM #8’s are the ultra dark blue eyes, which she already knew she did not want for me, so we do not have them. However, it was the WM #9’s that I was supposed to come with. Even though the 7’s are nice, it is the 9’s that really make me look like…well, me.

However, Alex had a goal to also get me my very own set of MannequinFan’s Easy Move Eyes kit, since it comes with a pedestal system that makes my eyes a lot easier to move around. Larry received his set last Christmas. Mine arrived just in time for Halloween, with more irises for Larry as well. Landon hopes to get his own set after the beginning of the New Year. Alex has some home improvement projects, plus Christmas gift shopping for HH and kiddo to take care of. Well, I actually think she already too care of kiddo’s gift back in October.

The irises that came with my EME kit are the same spare ones that Larry ordered. They are both light blue. But she is going to see if MannequinFan can come up with some that a little bit closer to the 9’s from the factory. She does like the way my new eyes look though. The color is really good and she is pleased. Since Larry got the same irises, he now can have blue eyes as well.

In addition to the new eyes, Larry and I also got spare wigs from Alex’s work. Larry got a second short, dark brown wig and I got a second short, light brown wig. Larry’s current wig is starting to really fall apart, so it is time to think about replacing it. Plus we want to have one on hand for when mine, inevitably does the same. They actually arrived fairly quickly after being ordered, definitely much faster than we did. It was a pleasant surprise on the day they arrived for all of us.

I think I will talk about kiddo and Alex switching bedrooms in another blog post.

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