The New Room: Part 1

I had briefly mentioned last week that Alex and kiddo had switched bedrooms. I kinda want to take this post and talk about how they both got to that point, but more of how Alex got to that point, since there is a lot more detail to that. It actually begins with how Alex had to re-arrange the old bedroom a few times just before and after me and Landon arrived, to try and utilize and maximize the limited space that we had.

Her old bedroom is L-shaped, which means upon entering, you have a short and narrow entry hall before you get to the main, open part of the room. The closet was frighteningly small, however the bathroom was nicely sized. Alex had hoped to fit her tall chest of drawers in the closet, but it was just too tall and too wide, so it needed to remain in the main part of the bedroom. It takes up a lot of space. She also has a queen sized sleigh bed, two night stands, a vanity table which also works as a TV stand, plus the chaise lounge we sit on and Larry’s chair. That is a lot of furniture to pack into a small area, then add three full size male TPE dolls, a LED ring light on a mono-pod, plus two umbrella lights on mono-pods and a standing tower fan…well you get the picture.

So, Alex constantly moved the chaise lounge, vanity table and chest of drawers around to do her best to maximize the space to the best of her ability. Eventually, the chest of drawers were moved to the “entry hall” of the bedroom, but it made moving through there a very tight squeeze. She preferred the chaise to be directly in front of the bed, but she had to disassemble the wood sleigh frame and put it in the garage. It was also a tight squeeze and it was a bit difficult to move us from the chaise to the bed when she wanted one of us to snuggle with at night.

Kiddo started off with the larger open room with the bigger closet when they all moved in about five years ago, since she was so little and had a lot more things. Alex also felt it important for her to have a nice area to play with her toys. But over the years, as kiddo grew, those toys eventually were donated, along with a majority of her clothes because she had outgrown them and the style. Kiddo no longer needed the large room or closet.

Last winter, Alex and HH had replaced the old, tattered, torn and stained carpet in kiddo’s old room with very nice laminate wood flooring. However, kiddo did not keep it clean like promised. Alex was very frustrated and while kiddo was napping recently, she vented to HH about how they should switch rooms since kiddo obviously is unwilling to keep her room clean. Kiddo dreamed about switching rooms after subconsciously hearing the conversation.

Kiddo didn’t like her room. She said she kept getting spooked and felt like she was always being watched, despite always keeping her bedroom door closed and the blinds shut. Not that anyone could look into her window and see what was going on anyway, as both bedrooms are on the second level of the house and her bedroom door does not face the stairwell. Alex had always liked the studio lighting in kiddo’s bedroom and had planned to put some in her own room, but it just never happened.

So, here’s how it all began. Everyone had gone to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look at upholstered bed frames for Alex’s bed and while HH had gone to look at something else, kiddo and Alex had a moment to chat. Kiddo had told Alex about the dream before, but decided it was a good time to bring it up again. Alex and kiddo agreed that they both wanted to switch rooms and so they already had a full plan on when and how to do so even before HH met up with them again.

When HH had met up with them once more, he could tell something was “up”. So, Alex and kiddo both told him their plans and of course he wasn’t happy about it because he would need to be involved to assist in moving the heavy furniture. But he reluctantly agreed to it anyway and they made a few stops before coming home. They needed to pick up some pet carpet deodorizer, so that Alex could get the carpets in her old bedroom ultra vacuumed (she kept them vacuumed once a week) and extra clean for when kiddo moved in. Plus it was a little after lunch time, so a light meal was definitely in order.

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