The New Room: Part 2

Last week I talked about how all of this came about, now I am going to talk about how it all went down. This new arrangement actually works better for both of them, especially in how much more room each of them have in their new rooms. Not to mention how much more room we have in our new room as well.

Once they all arrived home, Alex got the vacuum out and immediately vacuumed the upstairs landing in front of the laundry room and both bedrooms. Kiddo’s bed would need to be disassembled and placed there, temporarily, to begin the move. However, Alex had kiddo clear everything off the floor of her closet and put it into bins (it was mostly clothes and plush animals already in bins), while she vacuumed and HH disassembled not only kiddo’s, but also Alex’s bed.

Alex helped kiddo get the items in her closet downstairs to the living room, along with the new photography lighting kit and the LED ring light Alex had in her bedroom. HH put large, black lawn garbage bags on the floor and began moving kiddo’s mattress and box spring into the upper landing, along with her bedframe. Before he could move Alex’s bed, the chest of drawers would need to be moved into the new closet first, since the pathway was narrow and needed to be unobstructed.

Kiddo’s entire bed was moved into the upper landing, Alex’s chest of drawers were moved into the new, larger closet, now her bed could be disassembled and moved. Alex and kiddo assisted HH and then Alex went back into her old room and sprinkled the carpet with the pet carpet deodorizer and began to vacuum the now open area. Kiddo cleared off her desk and her nine bin shelf, HH came in and got Alex’s night stands while she continued to vacuum the carpet.

Slowly but surely, everything was moved over, with the exception of me, Landon and the chaise lounge. We were the last to be moved out of Alex’s old room and into the new one. Larry was already sitting in kiddo’s rolling office chair, but needed to be moved to his chair, while HH came and got us and wheeled us in. I was put on the bed and Landon stayed in the rolling office chair until the chaise lounge was moved in and placed. Then Alex and HH moved both of us back to the chaise lounge and moved Larry’s chair right next to us, where we are currently sitting.

Kiddo’s furniture was moved into her room and she began to organize. Alex worked on getting as much as she could out of her old closet and into the new until she almost couldn’t move any more. We all told her that she was majorly over-doing it and that it was time for her to relax in a hot bath, shower and come to bed for the night. So, she did. Landon and I couldn’t believe how much she was able to accomplish, especially after her emergency surgery earlier this year and her ongoing recovery. Larry had already witnessed her determination and will, so this wasn’t news to him. He wisely advised us to just let her get it done.

Alex doesn’t like to leave anything unfinished, and a lot of times it leads her to over-do it and then pay for it for days afterward. This day and night were no exception. By the time she went to bed, the furniture was all set up, arranged and organized. The bed was made, We were situated. The boxes on our side of the closet were all moved and placed either on the floor, or on the shelf on our side of the new closet, along with all of our clothes and accessories. All of her clothes were moved and placed on her side of the new closet as well. The boxes on her side of the old closet shelf remained, as did her toy box, which contains her plush animals. Just wait till you hear about day 2.

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