The New Room: Part 4

Damn, this has turned pretty much into an entire month’s worth of Wednesdays Point of View posts. But it was a massive project. So to recap: Day 1, the bedrooms and most of the closets were moved over, and the carpet was deep clean vacuumed. Day 2, the bathrooms were deep cleaned and nearly moved over and now we are on Day 3.

Today HH moved the toy box out of Alex’s old closet and into the new one. Plus Alex and kiddo switched wall art and fairy lights. The wall sconces were also installed and look ultra cool! The items from the tub were also moved over and Alex moved her stuff from the top shelf in the old closet to the new one and arranged it nicely. The pink curtains that were in kiddo’s new room were removed and placed downstairs in the living room. The family went out to Lowe’s after school and work to get kiddo some new white curtains, plus a new door knob for Alex’s closet door and HH’s door to the water heater closet in his bathroom. They all were installed that evening as well and look very nice.

Finally everything has been moved over and arranged, at least in Alex’s new room. She needs to get some more pet carpet deodorizer and go over kiddo’s floors one more time, just for her own peace of mind. HH also brought up and re-assembled the wood sleigh bed frame for Alex’s bed, until she can find just the right one she wants to replace it with. Alex also wants to get new shower caddies for her and kiddo’s bathrooms. The old one won’t fit in the new bathroom, plus it was pretty worn. Kiddo never had one, but now is at the age where it would be beneficial for her to have one. I think a Walmart trip is going to be happening in the near future. I also hear HH’s wallet screaming for mercy!

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