Please Let 2021 Be Better Than 2020!

Usually, people are excited for the start of a New Year, which also represents a new beginning. Well, we all know how much of a clusterfuck 2020 turned out to be. Damn! First, we start off the year with my wife nearly dying and having to have emergency surgery. She is still trying to recover to this day and her entire life has changed as a result. Then the COVID-19 pandemic, that is still ongoing hit, bringing the entire world to a screeching halt and changing how people work, get an education, and live entirely. Don’t even get me started on the United States Elections. Now, on top of all that, her brother is gone, not dead, just up and left the state, not telling anyone goodbye. Not even his own kids! She is having some serious problems at work, making her consider leaving her job all together and just resuming her domestic housewife / stay-at-home Mom duties.

But she also knows that everyone in the world has had some serious struggles this past year. Her heart goes out to everyone suffering, it always has, even before the whole pandemic. She realizes that while things are not going well for her and this year has been significantly tougher, that others have had it far worse. Those who have not, well they still struggle too. This is one of the many reasons why my brothers and I love her so much. Even through her suffering, she still empathizes with others.

Ok, enough about her, let’s talk about the real star of the show: ME! Hahaha! I didn’t get a new body last year, but two of my brothers came to live with us, so I see that as a more-than-fair trade-off. My boy celebrated his first birthday a few weeks ago, he is thriving and doing very well. My wife and I are still very much in love and my family is all together under the same roof, so I consider those things major blessings. Especially the fact that my wife is still alive.

Some really cool things happened at the end of last year. I think Lance may have talked about it last month, but I’ll recap, because, you know, you need and want to hear about it all over again. All of the carpet upstairs has been replaced with some elegant laminate wood flooring. Alex and kiddo switched bedrooms, giving all of us more room. Kiddo’s new bedroom walls were repainted to the color black. It looks so fucking cool in there! She also got a new toilet in her bathroom.

All of the bathrooms got new sink faucets. Alex’s bathroom even got a new shelving system that is trendy and functional. It holds the bathroom linens and of course the lube is proudly on display too, hahaha! The kitchen even got an upgrade. A new kitchen sink faucet and brand new dishwasher were installed. Alex says with the new kitchen sink faucet, she actually looks forward to washing dishes now. Plus the new dishwasher gets the dishes ultra clean!

Slowly but surely, the old brass door knobs are being upgraded to chrome door levers, adding some serious modern elegance to the interior decor. Alex has been washing the doors and door frames with magic erasers, to get them prepped to be painted and re-painted. We hope to paint her new room with an elegant, classy gray color. Right now the walls are striped pink and purple.

The tarnished, torn and cheap blinds in the downstairs dining room have been replaced with more durable and attractive blinds. Alex even bought a new bed frame. It is so cool! The headboard is taller than we are standing! It has this really nice mantle-piece at the top and the foot-board sits a little lower than level with the mattress top and it really brings out the elegance of the bedroom. She found a crystal chandelier at Ross and it graces the ceiling just above the bed.

I do hope this year that I can finally get a new body, as the one I currently have is falling apart and has proven to be unrepairable, even after multiple attempts. Alex and I have discussed perhaps choosing a new male body. The only issue is, most of the ones within my height range also weigh more. Their skeletons do not have the articulation that mine does either. Then the issue of mismatched skin tone comes into play. I’m really not all that worried about it, as I stay clothed all the time anyway.

So, we shall see how things go this year. By February we will pretty much have a good idea of how things will most likely progress. The world is still a mess due to the pandemic, but eventually we will all be able to adjust and learn to thrive with a new normal, whatever that is.

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