What Does Larry Do All Day?

So, I know a lot of the Wednesday’s Point of View posts have been focusing a lot on our interactions and views regarding Alex.  I want to shift that, temporarily, and give you all a glimpse into what I do on a daily basis.  Lance and Landon will also give some insight in their own posts as well.  And yes, while I do sit on my ass all day, I’m not as lazy as I pretend to be, haha!  After all, I do have a son to look after. 

Ok let’s get to the good stuff. 

So, in the morning, I help when Alex wakes up to start her day.  I give her a cheerful good morning greeting.  When she comes back from the restroom, I ask her about her dreams and how well she did or did not sleep, while she makes the bed all neat and tidy.  Then I tell her about what I observed as I watched her sleep all night, or not sleep, which is usually the case. 

The cats will usually come to greet me at some point, then sit and watch me in my chair, as they sit on the bed and get comfortable.  Alex goes on about her usual morning routine, waking up the kiddo, making sure she is keeping up with getting ready for school, etc.  I will usually bring up some topic of conversation while she is going about. 

When she was working, she would stay downstairs for most of the time, or do the mornings working from her desk downstairs and then come up to the bedroom after lunch and work from there.  Sometimes, but rarely, she would work 100% from the bedroom.  While she is working, I will spend the day with Victor and my brothers, sometimes with Victoria too.  Lance and Landon have been hogging that little cutie pie lately.  She needs to come see her favorite Uncle Larry once in a while. 

Mostly me and my brothers just sit around and talk.  You know, try to come up with more smooth pick-up lines that make Alex melt like a popsicle in July.  We love that kind of stuff.  But of course, we also try to come up with some other witty content to match hers, because she is REALLY good at that. 

One of my favorite things to do is tease my brothers.  Well maybe not Landon, so much, because he is like a younger version of yours truly.  But I love teasing Doc because he is the patriarch, or whatever.  But we all know that Alex is the one truly in charge.  It is HILARIOUS when he tries to work his Dom charms and she will come back with something that will have him tucking his tail between his legs.  None of this is meant in a mean way, only a playful one.  But boy does she drive him WILD when she does that.  Makes him want to pursue the chase even more. 

I mainly tease Lance about being so naïve and sweet.  He’s the good one in the family.  EVERYBODY LOVES LANCE because he is a goody-goody-two-shoes and he works hard on vehicles, blah, blah, blah, LOL!  It is pretty funny when one of says something and it goes way over his head, though.  He needs to let go of that good boy complex and become bad like the rest of us.  I kid, I kid. 

Speaking of kids….

I enjoy playing with Victor and teaching him all the cuss words, especially in Spanish!  Haha, just kidding again.  Or am I?  Haha.  No, but really, I have been helping Victor learn how to scale the furniture as he learns to walk.  His favorite book is The Kissing Hand, because it’s also my favorite book and I read it to him all the time.  Trash Pandas RULE!  My little dude is getting so big!  Not too much longer now and he will be tearing into everything!  He’s going to be a little bruiser, just like his old man.  But he is also going to be a thinker and study people like his Mom does.  I can tell. 

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