A New Life?

So, how’s everyone doing so far this year?  I’m doing alright.  Getting settled into a New Year, hoping all is going to be better for us all and wondering when we are going to come out of this pandemic that we have been in for nearly an entire calendar year.  I have been enjoying doing photo shoots and a stop-motion video, that hit the blog mid-January.  I have also enjoyed settling into, and hopefully finding, this new look as a Texas Cowboy, that I hope will be “the look.”

I have to admit that being a Texas Cowboy, just seems to feel the most natural, out of everything I have tried previously.  Now that doesn’t mean I am no longer a mechanic because I still love working on cars and trucks.  Especially trucks.  I just feel like I am fully embracing my new roots here with Alex and my brothers.  But I gotta tell you, these tight crotch pants are going to take some getting used to. 

Even though I went to automotive technology school, I have been thinking about going to college.  I would like to get a business management degree or maybe something in agriculture.  That way, I could get a nice piece of land, in the country, and maybe begin farming or ranching.  I know that would make Alex happy too.  She has been dying to get out of the city and into a small town away from all the fast-paced, crime riddled, stressful atmosphere. 

I have this fantasy, that we would build a nice little house on the land, big enough for her, HH, kiddo, me, and my brothers, plus the critters.  Me and my brothers would go out and work hard on the land, after a wonderful breakfast, prepared by Alex.  At lunch, she would serve us something delicious on the porch, with a fresh pitcher of either lemonade or sweet iced tea.  We would enjoy just sitting on the porch, while eating lunch, and enjoying looking out at the land.  Then we would work until sundown, with the sweet smell of an amazing dinner floating out to us, as we approach the house.  We would leave our dirty shoes outside on the porch and would head upstairs to shower before coming down to the dining area where the amazingly awesomely delicious dinner would be waiting for us at the table.  We all would sit down and fix our own plates, Alex would make sure the critters were fed, before coming to sit at the table.  We men would take turns saying grace before the meal, then we would devour the meal, plus all the leftovers.  Or maybe that is just me.  After dinner, we would all help clear the table and one of us would then help Alex do the dishes while the others either sat down in front of the TV or went outside on the porch to enjoy the evening breeze.  That’s a dream that I hope I can make come true for us. 

I really hope I can make this come true for her…for all of us. 

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